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The Regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, by its very name, indicates that it was brought in the first place as a response to all the threatened right to private life of individuals in today’s society. One of the basic goals of this comprehensive regulation was the need to strengthen the rights of individuals in an increasingly complex area of personal data protection.

Namely, digitalization of all services in society has led to a need for collecting more and more personal data, while on the other hand, honest processing as well as the control over the collection of personal data became very questionable. The aforementioned legislative framework should guarantee the equal right to protection of personal data throughout the European Union to all European citizens, irrespective of where the data breach has occurred.

This area is recognized as an extremely important and sensitive area that has gone through numerous changes, and therefore the General Data Protection Regulation has been adopted as a comprehensive legal instrument that will allow citizens easier access to their personal data. Also, in this regard, you can be informed in a clear and understandable way about the processing of your personal data. The new legal framework thus represents the possibility of re-establishing a balance between the individual and the service provider, which will allow a higher level of personal data protection in all Member States. It shall bring the control over the personal data back to their owner`s hands.